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Our definition of sustainability is built on three pillars of concept:



This means that everyone working within our production process receives a living wage; that we ensure that our material sourcing does not damage the ecosystem and that we have a long term perspective when it comes to developing our business model. Lately, we have observed the industry and found inspiration among designer companies and clients we proposed to add a fourth component to our definition of fashion-related sustainability: 

We work to actively slow down the pace of consumption by producing garments to our clients in a timeless design with high-quality fabrics that will have a longer lifespan than the average lifetime of a garment.

We produce and use only 100% ecologically certified components that have the GOTS – GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD – CERTIFICATION. This is the world-leading textile processing standard and the certificate encompasses the entire textile supply chain. 

"GOTS certified products must be produced meeting the key social criteria of the International Labour Organisation, such as being made by workers who have freely chosen their work or not being made through child labor. These criteria apply to all levels of the supply chain, all the way from the farming of raw materials to the production of the final product. Why is this important? Because cotton and textiles are often produced in nations that don’t always adequately safeguard the rights of workers" - Naturepedic.


Polimex is truly operating on a local scale where strives to minimize waste and energy. Most importantly we try to not use transports and shipments that are further than really is needed. That´s why Polimex is ultimately working with European Union based suppliers. 

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