Polimex produces garments to the customized specifications of our clients, and to ensure high quality we have developed an order process for manufacturing. This order process covers every aspect of production, starting with your concepts and designs and running all the way to delivering the finished product to your home or business. We’re able to work with your designs to get them ready for production, offering guidance during the process to ensure the good communication necessary to bring your vision to life.


Pre Production


At the heart of the entire process is your idea. It’s wonderful if you already have specifications and technical drawings, but that’s not required to get started. We’re able to help you take your design from its current form to the form needed for production. Once you place your order, we will create a prototype or sample which you’ll be able to inspect either physically or via pictures if time is of the essence. If there’s a need for correction or refinement, we can take care of this before any garments are produced in bulk. Once you’ve signed off, we’ll move on to bulk production.


Bulk Production


Once the sample or prototype has been verified, we will begin to manufacture in bulk. During pre-production when creating your prototype, we create an identical sample for use within our manufacturing facilities. Using that prototype, we cut bulk fabric to your pattern specification, grade it if required, and begin the sewing process. At the appropriate time, we will add trim if specified. At the final stages of production, garments are verified against the prototype to confirm that the finished product matches your specifications exactly.


Quality Check


As we manufacture garments, we subject them to a four step process to guarantee the highest level of quality. When receiving raw materials and fabric, we check them at the source for any issues or defects. We verify with you during pre-production to ensure that our prototype exactly matches your specifications. As garments are being produced in bulk, we check each one along the production line to confirm it is to spec. And once the garments are complete, we individually check them before packaging them to confirm that no defects (although extremely rare at this stage) slipped through.




Once we’ve reached the point where your order has been completed and checked at the final QC step, we approve it for delivery. We’ve developed an extensive network of couriers and agents to ensure that your garments will reach you reliably and promptly. We’re able to accommodate deliveries prioritizing either speed or budget, offering express or standard delivery per your specifications.

Most of our standard shipments reach our clients within two to three working days. For larger orders dedicated vans are able to deliver directly, straight from our factory to your studio/warehouse or desired unloading address. 

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