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Premium Hardware and Trim


At Polimex, we understand that hardware and trim play a significant role in creating a garment that stands out. These elements can often be the defining features of a piece, whether it be a statement zipper on an exclusive dress or unique buttons on a pair of signature collection trousers.

The sourcing of quality hardware and trim is a critical aspect of our manufacturing process. We are committed to using only the best materials, such as YKK zippers, horn buttons from Union Knopf, and interlining from Kufner, all of which are produced in the European Union. Additionally, we offer the option to customize hardware to further accentuate the individuality and branding of your products. This can include laser engraving or die casting to add a touch of personalization and enhance the overall aesthetic of your garments.

Options for Customizing Clothing


As a fashion designer, you invest a significant amount of creative energy and ideas into developing your clothing line, which ultimately becomes a reflection of your individuality. Consequently, there are areas where customization is necessary to achieve your personal vision for your brand.

At Polimex, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of customization options, some of which are highlighted below:

Custom Hardware: Historically, custom hardware has been reserved for larger brands. However, Polimex empowers smaller brands to incorporate that level of detail and originality into their designs. We utilize laser engraving and other techniques to produce custom buttons, zippers, rivets, and other hardware. If you want to distinguish your brand from the competition, custom hardware can be the missing piece of flair.

Printing: If you're unsure about the printing type or types that best suit your garment, we are pleased to assist and provide guidance. We offer a broad range of printing techniques and methods, from screen printing to digital printing for more complex projects.

Color Matched Fabric: Our fabrics are sourced in their raw form and dyed to your exact specifications. We are capable of producing identical colors across collections, which is critical for maintaining perfect color matching across multiple clothing items. Our coloring system guarantees that we will consistently dye your fabrics to meet your specific requirements.

Embroidery: Embroidery is commonly used to create logos for garments, which is essential for establishing brand recognition and uniqueness. At Polimex, we use a digital and machine-based technique to program the automated threading of embroidery, ensuring a regular and consistent embroidered pattern according to your specifications.

Pattern making and fit


At Polimex, we’re experienced with patterns such as regular fit, slim fit, drop shoulder, and oversized, and will produce your garments to whatever fit you specify. Fit can sometimes be overlooked because it’s not directly visible, but it’s absolutely essential to the look you’re trying to create. A clothing item that doesn’t fit its wearer can destroy the aesthetic of the piece, and we’re committed to making sure your garments have the fit you require. We work from the most advanced systems in CAD using software such as Gerber and Lectra to manually paper patterns. It's all up to you which path you prefer to take. Most importantly is that we are able to create that genuine fit and feel that you as a designer require. From sketch to ready to wear a garment

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